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The application,performance and technical for Metal powder, chromium carbide

Issuing time:2018-02-22 00:00

Chromium carbide applies in the chromic carbide welding rod (for example chromic carbide welding rods and so on D626, D402), the carbonized niobium - chromic carbide compound high wear-resisting built-up welding welding rod belongs to the wear-resisting built-up welding material domain.Chromium carbide applies in the high degree of hardness chromic carbide wear-resisting compound steel plate (for example the SA1750CR wear-resisting duplicate plywood), the built-up welding compound steel plate, the anti-abrasion thin film and the semiconductor thin film.The chromic carbide applies in the ultra-fine grain hard alloy, has the very high degree of hardness and the wear-resisting performance, simultaneously also has the very high intensity and toughness.Chromium carbide applies in the nichrome chromic carbide powder (NiCr-Cr3C2), is the cermet powder new variety, becomes one kind of ideal anti-high temperature to be wear-resisting, anticorrosion overall performance hot spraying material. Mainly uses in the plasma or the detonation spray coating, the supersonic speed flame spraying, applies in profession and so on metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical anti-high temperature anti-corrosive work piece protections.

Because its high wear-resisting, anticorrosion, thermostable fine characteristic, the chromic carbide mainly applies in: Special welding material manufacture, built-up welding series welding rod, flux-cored wire; The hard alloy, increases Cr3C2 in the hard alloy production, not can only the refinement WC crystal grain, simultaneously enhance the alloy the intensity and degree of hardness, and can obviously enhance the alloy the anti-corrosive performance; The hot spraying powder material, as the base increases the NiCr heat-resisting alloy after processing powdered alloy take Cr3C2, uses the plasma spray coating, can make takes wear-resisting, the anticorrosion, the thermostable coating high, widespread should have in the fan blade, seals badly, boiler “four-barrel” and so on; The electric arc spraying silk material and the submerged-arc welding tubular silk material, the electric arc spraying silk increases the Cr3C2 material, enhanced the thermostable anti-wearing character, applies in the boiler “the four-barrel” the repair with the pre-protection, the metallurgy profession iron-smelting cotton material pomegranate trough wear-resisting backing, the power plant rubs the coal roller, because uses increases the Cr3C2 production the tubular welding wire built-up welding pre-protection, enhanced the service life greatly.

Take Cr3C2 as the main body take Ni or the Ni base alloy as the caking chromic carbide hard alloy (including silk material and powder) is one kind wear-resisting anti-corrosive and the anti-high-temperature oxidation new hard alloy, is called “in the hard alloy stainless steel”. Its characteristic is: The anti-high temperature oxidability is good. Heats up 1100 degree or a higher temperature in the air, only tarnish; But the Wc-Co alloy and the Wc-Ni alloy namely oxidize suddenly in 800 degrees, 900 degrees burn down completely. The inoxidizability and the resistance to wear are good. In the quality score is in 10% sulfuric acid solution corundum washout year rate of wear only 0.6mm, the corrosion resistance was 1Cr18Ni9Ti is rust just 30 times. In the quality score 10% sulfuric acid solution neutral saturated HCL solution's resistance to wear is Wc-Co alloy 4 times. The adding water vapor's corrosion resistivity is Wc-Co alloy 50 times. Degree of hardness is 88-90HRC, with the general Wc-Co alloy quite, and can maintain to 600 degrees, but drops not obviously. The density is low, is general Wc-Co alloy half. The thermal-expansion coefficient and the steel are close. Nonmagnetic.

Only then tungsten carbide (WC) and the chromic carbide (Cr3C2) takes the hot blow material in the numerous carbides to obtain the practical application in the industry. The former usually uses in the operating temperature being lower than 500 degree wear-resisting coating, but Cr3C2 uses in the high temperature (until 900 degrees) the active status. In the hot blow technology's application domain, the aviation, the electricity generation and the automobile manufacture are three big important tectonic plates, but the Cr3C2 coating in systems and so on electricity generation, metallurgy and aviation obtains the widespread application.